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Omnitek is based in The Netherlands and brings you the best currently available viscometer as one of the world’s leading viscometer manufacturers. Use our tailor-made viscosity meter when measuring the viscosity of petroleum products with an accuracy you have never seen before. You can count on us as your viscometer manufacturer, we supply to a variety of labs in different industries ranging from QC to R&D to used/new oil analysis to analyze highly viscous samples like HFO, crude oils, asphalts, and waxes. We make sure that within our product range, our customers are able to make the right selection for the viscosity test of their products. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions to our clients.


Highlighted viscosity meters from a leading manufacturer

The S-flow IV viscosity meter was specifically developed for maximum throughput applications using less than 1 ml of sample. We offer various different tubes so you can choose the materials that suit your research best. Together with this highly efficient Houillon viscometer, we can also provide the Cito S-flow IV autosampler which makes its operation unattended and automated. Our U-Visc models fully comply with ASTM D445, providing automatic viscosity measurement and unattended operations. With this system, you can choose how many tubes and baths you need. These tubes are based on the well-know Obbelohde design. It is also possible to have a pre-heater built into the system. Finally, our BitUVisc instruments were tailored to cover the most taxing applications and are capable of automatically testing extremely viscous samples such as additives, asphalts and HFO. This viscosity system can be adjusted to your wishes with a variable number of baths and tubes. You can compare these systems more easily with our various brochures and demos.

Enquire about the best viscometer system match for your lab applications

Use our systems in order to save valuable time in the lab and get the most accurate results that enable you to work smoothly. You can make the most out of your experimental research, development, and quality controls with a highly precise kinematic viscosity tester supplied by Omnitek. Request our brochure or an online presentation in our demo room to find out which system matches best with your lab applications and which options suit your requirements and your line of research.

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